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Know-how, precision, quality

MTH offers 160 years of metallurgical expertise in processing lead and its alloys. This know-how is put to good use by MTH in the production of top-quality components for industry. Modern measurement and analysis technology together with a certified quality management system guarantees the high technical production standard.

Manufacturers of industrial batteries appreciate MTH's expertise in the production of top-quality battery components. A wealth of engineering and production know-how is available for radiation protection, making MTH an eagerly sought-after partner. We also supply precision moulded parts made of lead and tin to other sectors, such as plant and machine construction or the automotive industry.

Battery parts

Top-quality battery components such as cell terminals or battery and formation accessories are supplied by MTH, either using the low-pressure bottom casting method or by cold working. These parts help to increase the reliability and service life of industrial batteries.


Radiation protection

MTH produces a wide range of different components for effective radiation protection, such as lead components in the modular system for flexible construction of protective walls, transport containers, lead profiles and other lead materials.



As well as producing precision moulded parts made of lead and tin such as counterweights, balancing and trim weights, MTH's particular speciality consists in bedding supplied moulds using the phase casting method.


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